Let’s take a moment to remember how important animal clippers are, and the fact they are considered electrical appliances with lots of external as well as internal elements which are made of metallic element. Your clipper’s external parts  might posses air filter systems to make sure air passes through the device to help maintain it cool and blow out clipped hair from the internal functions. Still, a shut handset with no filter systems is by no means one hundred percent water tight. Though professional clipper oil is ideal for maintaining your clipper and blades perfectly lubricated, water must not be granted close to your clipper.

As opposed to clipper oil, water includes ions of melted minerals plus salts that allow it to be a power conductor and could possibly be extremely hazardous in the event the clipper’s electrical current has contact with it. Not merely this, but humid surroundings are vulnerable to trigger rusting of the metal elements as well as clipper blades.  Like most household electric device, it is far better to always keep your clippers indoors, far from cold wet conditions. Clippers utilized for ranch animals and horses are frequently kept in outbuildings that are not heated in which humidity might bring significant amounts of internal rust.

Batteries are especially at risk of cold wet temperatures. The capacity of the battery can be damaged by experience of minimal temperature ranges, so it is much more crucial to keep this kind of clippers in an indoors, warm surroundings. Outbuildings and sheds are not best suited storage places for your device, even in the protected carry case’s confines. The ideal place to keep your clipper is in your own warm dwelling, cleansed and secured in their initial carry case, far from small children and closeness to  humidity or water. The following are suggested tips to maintain your clippers so they do not rust: 

  • Few drops of oil every day  — Make sure you wash all blades and shears at the end of each and every day. Completely take out all hair, rub off any accumulated wetness, and apply 1 or 2 drops of oil. Take this a regular section of your cleaning regimen, and you will enjoy much longer blade life as well as improved efficiency. 
  • Try to avoid styptic powder —  Styptic power could be perfect for blocking cuts from bleeding, but its caustic characteristics will likely make metal corrode like crazy. Ensure that it is not within your shears and blades
  • Leave them to soak for awhile — in case you apply a bactericidal, do not drench your clippers for over ten full minutes at a time. That is adequate time to meticulously sanitize the blades without damaging the metal. Drenching them overnight will likely not make the blades any better, but it might damage the metal and allow it to more vulnerable to rust.
  • Allow them to breathe —  Do not keep clippers in the plastic sleeves that they are delivered in. Your ideal bet is to keep your clippers “breathe” the open air, or to put them in a case made of leather, since it is such a breathable material 

When you need to get the most out of your clippers, you need the help we provide at R & J Clipper Services. Here, you are able to get the kind of help you need to make sure your clippers are working properly at all times. Not only do we offer services to sharpen your blades, but we also offer services to maintain your clippers. We also employ the latest in state of the art sharpening equipment to make sure you are getting the sharpest blades.

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