How to Sharpen Hairdressing Scissors in 5 Easy Steps

If you tried cutting hair with a blunt pair of scissors using a blunt blade, you know how frustrating the experience can be! The hair folds, bends, and tends to push off the ends of the scissors. Whether you are trying to test your hairdressing skills at home or happen to be a professional barber, having a sharp pair of scissors is a priority. This explains why you need scissor sharpening services.

With a perfect tool at your disposal, you would no longer experience the maddening time fiddling with the hair. Whether you are an experienced stylist or an amateur, it makes sense to know the right way to sharpen your scissors.

Sharpening your hairdressing scissors: How to go about it?

  • Check your scissors

In the first place, you need to inspect the condition of your hairdressing scissors. In case there are nicks along the blade, these spots can develop rust if you ignore them. Even the best scissors need to be dried after use. The last thing you would want on your scissors is a sticky residue that can mess up your art. When you seek professional hairdressing scissors sharpening, the experts would take care of these aspects.

  • Take the blades apart

Well, a quick visual inspection would tell you what you need to fix on your scissors. Using the screw of the scissors, put the blades apart. Professional scissor sharpening experts quickly inspect the separated pieces. In case there’s dirt or any residue behind the blades, they clean the same. Next, you need to work on these blades.

  • Sharpening the scissors

Do away with all sorts of residue, corrosion, or rust from the scissor blades. Professional bladesmiths deploy a customized sharpening machine. Using this tool, they can create fine angles on the blades. Based on the size of the scissor, you can even make minute adjustments. The level of coarseness on the blades can also be customized.

Whether you want to customize the level of sharpness for dry cutting, layer cutting, blunt cutting, coarse cutting, or synthetic cutting, the experts would do the needful. With proper corrugations, the scissors would be more customized for hairdressers.

At this stage, the experts also shape the tips of the hairdressing scissors so that you don’t end up nicking your knuckles.

  • Polishing the scissors

Well, not that you have sharpened your scissors, you would expect a shine on the blades!

Professional bladesmiths deliver this finishing touch to the scissors. They also inspect the tension around the screw. This ensures that the blades wouldn’t be too tight or loose. Excessive tightness around the blades can subject them to permanent damage.

  • Test the hairdressing scissors

Before you take your pair of hairdressing scissors back to work, get them tested. Try cutting a wet tissue clean using the scissors. Closely look out for frayed edges when you cut the tissue. Some professionals also test the sharpened scissors on aluminium foils.

Sharpening hairdressing scissor calls for professional hands and customized tools. This explains why barbers and professional hairdressers count on experts to get their scissors sharpened.

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