How To Clean Wahl Clippers?

Cleaning your wahl hair clippers is a necessity, considering the hair and skin build-up in the clipper. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the motor and clipper blades would serve you for a longer duration. As a thumb rule, you need to deep clean your clipper once per 10 haircuts. This largely depends on the build-up of hair in the appliance. 

While the process of cleaning might seem relatively simple, you need to get it right. Many people get across to experts for wahl clippers to troubleshoot common glitches.

Easy steps to clean your Wahl clippers

Follow these steps to clean your Wahl clippers from time to time. Of course, you can reach out to the experts for a deep cleaning, or fixing the tools if needed.

  • Use a head screwdriver and turn the screws in the clippers to the left to loosen them. When they come off, you can separate the clipper and its blades.
  • Before you start operating on your clippers, keep a hairbrush close by. Once you separate the blades, remove the debris containing skin and hair using this brush.
  • To sanitize the blades, you would need 90% isopropyl alcohol. Simply soak the blades by immersing them in the liquid for five minutes. This would remove rust and other contaminants from the blades.
  • Wipe off the blade using a lint-free towel and let it dry for some time. When you dry the blade, rub it with the right pressure from all directions. This way, you can polish the blade by eliminating the residue.
  • Use a honing stone to run the blade across it. Firstly, you should run the coarse side of the blade to sharpen it, and then move forward with the smoother side.
  • Now dip the honing stone into water and rinse it back and forth. Repeat this action in the same direction, so that the blade becomes sharp. Next, you need to eliminate the debris and clean the stone.
  • Once done, insert the screws back to position and fix the blades to the clipper. This time, you need to turn the screwdriver right and tighten the screws. Make sure that you have properly lined the screws up. 
  • Now, you need to apply some oil to the bottom of the blades and then use it. This oiling would be necessary after every three to four uses.  

Now that your clippers are ready for use, simply plug them in and spend a few moments running them. Cleaning your Wahl clippers is easy!

When to get professional help for wahl cleaning or repairs?

Established service providers specialize in clipper blade sharpening . It’s always advisable to keep your tools in proper functional conditions all the time. This justifies why many people count on experts, whether they need to clean, test, or lubricate clippers. Besides, you can get them sharpened by experts occasionally. The professionals also carry out spring tensioning to enhance the lifespan of these tools.

So, you might clean your clippers at home, and reach out to the experts occasionally for deep cleaning or sharpening. Contact R & J Clippers on 0409209303 for quality repairs without burning a hole in your pocket.

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