The Most Effective Way For Scissor Sharpening

In case you own a barbershop, a blunt scissor is probably one of the most annoying problems you face. This can also be an issue for regular individuals, if the scissors in their kitchen lose their sharpness. It can get quite difficult to cut anything with a blunt pair of scissors. If you use the scissors for hairdressing, it is even more important to keep them sharp at all times. Although sharpening scissors can often be harder than sharpening a knife, it is certainly more cost-effective than buying a new pair of scissors.  

Different Ways for Scissor Sharpening

There are multiple ways in which you could get a pair of scissors, with varying levels of effectiveness. The best among these are:

Professional sharpening services

The most reliable way to have your scissors sharpened is to let professionals do it. You may look for a reputed company in Australia that offers sharpening services for scissors, trimmers, and other tools. Besides their expertise in this field, professionals also have access to sophisticated equipment. They can get your scissors as sharp as possible without causing any damage. 

Cutting sandpaper 

One of the easiest ways to sharpen a dull pair of scissors is to use it to cut sandpaper. All you have to do is take a sandpaper of at least 150-200 grit, hold it in half with the rough sides facing outside and cut it in long strips. The sandpaper would sharpen the blades of your scissors by grazing against them. However, do note that this method works only for scissors that are slightly dull. 

Using a whetstone

A whetstone, also known as a sharpening stone or a bench stone, is specifically meant for the purpose of sharpening blades. One side of the stone would be coarser, with a surface of about 400-grit, while the finer surface would have 1000-grit. You have to hold the blades against the coarse surface and draw it from the bottom to the tip multiple times. You may use the finer side of the stone to give the scissors a finishing touch. 

Other ways to sharpen scissors are available too. Many individuals go for modifications of the above-mentioned method. For instance, you use the scissors to cut through steel mesh or aluminum foils. One can also attach a sharpening stone to a rotary tool and then use it to sharpen the scissors quickly. 

The Best Method for Sharpening Scissors

Now that multiple sharpening methods have found mention, you might be wondering which one is the best. Well, the DIY techniques all have certain drawbacks. Cutting sandpaper or aluminum foil would not work if the scissors are too blunt or damaged. Using a sharpening stone in an improper fashion could damage the blades too. 

Why should you hire professional sharpening services?

Hiring professional sharpening services for a pair of scissors may seem like a waste of money. However, that isn’t quite true. It would be much more expensive to buy a new pair of scissors if you somehow damaged the old one while trying to sharpen it. Professional services come with adequate experience and expertise. It would be logical to find a reputed scissor sharpening company near you and send them your scissors, clippers, or trimmers for sharpening. 

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